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„Park With Sculpture”

Technique: Oil on canvas
Size: 50x80 cm

285,00 €


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A talk with Birutė Kuicienė will always surprise you: here she gets a chrysanthemum which does not fade for a whole month, or the flowers she has painted decorate the space around them with hieroglyphs, because the author is very interested in the ancient philosophy of the East. The artist thinks that she transforms herself into a plant, in a way, trying to successfully analyze it. It just happens, she never deliberately ciphers anything in her paintings. You may believe it or not, still B.Kuicienė‘s works always hide a surprise and a little mystery inside. Maybe those secrets appear on her paintings, because the artist‘s work is accompanied by Mozart‘s music... Or maybe it‘s because her mind controls the brush, she just needs to close her eyes, and the vision of the future painting comes right away. That‘s why the painter believes that visualizing is the most important part in her works, and thoughts come afterwards. The paintings and the series have truly thought provoking titles: „A woman I know“, „Road to myself“, „Flora“, „memories of landscapes“, „A woman is adorning herself“, „Woman – plant“. They excite one‘s imagination, create a sphere of a different relation with an object. B.Kuicienė has a surprising, feminine and a very playful idea – she dreams about painting a white flower with a white background! Poet Marius Glinskas

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Sub TechnikaOil on canvas
SizeMedium (40 cm - 80 cm)

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