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„Passing Road”

Technique: Oil on canvas
Size: 76x76 cm

600,00 €

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"I became interested in painting late in my life. I was a fashion designer. Forms, lines, ideas, colors, styles were everything for me. Painting for me was like joy for soul and eyes. I loved museums, exhibitions, art festivals, but that goes parallel with me and didn't cross my mind.

When I moved for living in the USA in Colorado my active life with Fashion stopped, but I opened my heart to amazing Nature in this state and around beautiful America. I was absolutely a city woman. America changed me and back to human roots, to Earth value, made me stop and "smell the roses". I started jealously watching and studying painters. I then started to want to paint and I wanted to have fun with that. The abstract style was close to designing and I decided to try that. I felt abstract very well and loved this expression form of art. I start my painting with acrylic and I worked hard and many times repainted my canvas. It's hard for me to paint in one style and technics. I grabbed canvas, brushes, knives and never know what would happen next or which way I would paint. I love experiments. Now my painting goes to the mix between impressionism and abstract.

I'm still studying art and I'm waiting for my "WOW!" moment and I'm painting my abstract and impressionistic compositions, flowers, trees, landscapes in oil and acrylic."

Artist's paintings were sold in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Australia, and South Korea.

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Sub TechnikaOil on canvas
SizeMedium (40 cm - 80 cm)

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