Julius Urbanavičius

Julius Urbanavičius

Julius Urbanavičius was born in 1948 in Kaunas, Lithuania. He graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry of Kaunas Technical University (Polytechnic Institute) in 1973.

In 1977 he first time participated in paintings exhibition in Palanga and then discovered that he could express himself best through woodcarving and painting and from that moment he went deeper and deeper into the world of art.

In 1979 he was inducted to Lithuanian folk-art guild.

In 1980 with family arrived to Kėdainiai. Since then he participates in different exhibitions in Lithuania and foreign countries. He was the participant of the sculpture symposium in Babtai, Lithuania (1993), the International Wood Sculpture Symposium “Igliauka'99” (1999), the International Wood Sculpture Symposium Zahradky, Czech Republic (2000), the International Wood Sculpture Camp ISA VALLEY, Lithuania (2001), the Wood Sculpture Symposium in Hagener, Germany (2002), the International Sympozium in Dalešič, Czech Republic (2004).

Since 1995 Julius spends every summer in Denmark creating new sculptures. He made more than 45 big wood sculptures in this country.

In 1999 the artist opened painting studio “Guoba” for senior people in Kėdainiai. He teaches woodcarving to young people, too. His wooden works and pictorial art is in different foreign countries and private collections.

In 2005 year awarded with Kėdainiai district culture premium.

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