Viktor Reznik

Viktor Reznik

Ukrainian artist currently living and working in Germany.

The sky and the water! So blue, so deep, so multifaceted and so infinite...

A wonderful source of inspiration for the artist who likes to work with classical elements. 

Viktor's paintings give the impression of depth. He plays with many shades of blue in reference to the sky and water under different lighting and urban influence.

Large areas in the depiction of sky and water contrast with the detailed painting of sails, boats and houses, in which the brush almost takes on the role of a coloured pencil. Particularly in the boat drawing, the spirited directional contrasts of short brushstrokes and curves reveal the hand of an excellent painter. The strokes make vivid the constant change of light, the flickering of the air over the water, and powerfully relay the artist's eye-gaze. The light is not only atmospherically rendered, the whole picture surface seems to glow with the intensity of the colours.

The works from this collection decorate the salons of our customers and thus emphasise the maritime character of the surroundings. Most of the pictures were painted in Hamburg and reflect real places. Anyone who has ever been there will recognise one or another place.

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