Vincas Andrius (Vincas Andriušis)

Vincas Andrius (Vincas Andriušis)

"I've been drawing since childhood. My first teacher was my father. A good teacher. He kept repeating the rule, 'Don't spare paper, don't spare paint!'

From first grade fitted to art class. But true painting began when I was 15 years-old when I read all of Anri Peruš’s books about the life of the Impressionists. Irving Stone's book "The Lust for Life" about Vincent Van Gogh's life, gave me a special impetus. I couldn't stop.

I spent the entire "Academy" - studying academic drawing and painting - in the private studio of a truly special artist and teacher Vytautas Pečiukonis (Agnus Alegrus). There the door was open to me day and night.

I created a lot while traveling around the world - from there, except for quick sketches of the fiber, I didn't bring anything home, I realized everything. I have had several exhibitions abroad - in London and Grenada.

I will travel through Lithuania, and maybe further, now with the second cycle of paintings “Mosaic of Creativity”. The first was called "Fragments." "

List of exhibitions:

• Personal exhibition of drawings. Cafe Grove, Portobelo st. London, UK

• Personal painting exhibition. Private Old Town Gallery, Grenada, Spain.

• Personal painting exhibition in Biržai Castle, Biržai, Lithuania, 2010

• Personal painting exhibition in Kretinga cafe, Kretinga, Lithuania, 2010.

• Personal painting exhibition in Užupis cafe, Vilnius, 2010.

• Personal painting exhibition Stiklių Street Gallery, Vilnius, 2011

• Personal painting exhibition in Vilnius municipality, Vilnius, 2011.

• Personal painting exhibition at Europa City Hotel, Vilnius, 2011

• Personal painting exhibition in the Lithuanian Seimas, Vilnius in 2011.

• Personal painting exhibition at the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, Vilnius, 2012.

• Personal drawing exhibition “Unrecognized Dating” at the Bar “Next Corner”, Užupis, Vilnius, 2021.

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