Olga Kom

Olga Kom

"When, if not now? " - I asked myself while working in a business field. I have felt an artistic vocation and I wanted to develop it all my life, but I still could not find a field of art that was dear to my heart.

Due to the circumstances, I started painting and fell in love with this activity. Possessing strong characteristic feature to start with the complex thing, but not with the simplest ones, I challenged myself to express the image in monochrome colors , so I started creating using only black and white. To my surprise, the first black-and-white paintings received a lot of positive feedback and immediately found fans wishing to decorate their homes with it.

I am happy to discover my painting method and technique fairly quickly, because after learning some biographies of famous artists, I realized that years or even decades can be sacrificed in search of own style. I love painting at night, immersing myself in mysticism and romance with all my heart and mind, allowing the night to stimulate my creativity. My favorite scenes from my paintings come from the night-time visualization of fairy tales and fantasies. I usually get embossed paintings with acrylic on natural canvas.

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