Violeta Bičkutė

Violeta Bičkutė

My paintings represent my thoughts from childhood memories to the vastness of the ocean. It’s all in one: a fresh summer breeze, snowflakes that fall in December. It’s a tiny bouquet of hepaticas, cold raindrops, reflections of long-distance travels and the beauty of Neringa’s dunes.

I, Violeta Marija Bičkutė, was born in Vilnius, but I spent my adolescence in Panevėžys. Step by step I went to the Art World. When I was a little girl, I enjoyed drawing and I was happy when I was praised. These little works led me to Panevėžys Children’s Art School. Here I learned about the colours and shades of life, started to hear their music, to see the light in a dark colour. I have graduated from Vilnius University with a bachelor’s degree in economics. Later I was educated by the environment, people, books, nature, exhibitions, music, and travels. The influence of interaction between Lithuanian roots and folklore is reflected in creation, as if magic, which brings love into human life. Everyday painting and drawing go side by side, enabling me to put my inspiration on the canvas. My abstract works show the spectator’s meeting with himself, a trip to his own presentiment, memories, or visions of the future. I only take the brush when I am under the influence of good emotions. I have been promoting Lithuanian values outside Lithuania for a while. Other countries like the USA, Spain, Luxembourg, and Denmark have already become acquainted with my works.

Artist's personal and group exhibitions:

19/11/2021-08/01/2022 Authors painting exhibition „Numbers“ at Janina Monkutė – Marks museum gallery, Basanaviciaus str. 45, Kedainiai.

06/04/2021–24/04/2021 author’s painting exhibition “Fields of Dreams” at Pylimo Gallery, Pylimo str. 30, Vilnius.

20/03–04/01/2020 (cancelled due to COVID-19) author’s painting exhibition “Nameless”, Cultural Center “Laiptu galerija”, Zemaites str. 83, Siauliai.

18/02/2020 Art event/author’s exhibition “Life is full of colours”, Sv. Mikalojaus str. 11, Vilnius.

20/12/2019–13/01/2020 Author’s painting exhibition “Pigments”, Siauliai University Gallery, Vilniaus str. 141, Siauliai.

12/09/2019 Art event/author’s exhibition “RED-BLACK”, Sv. Mikalojaus str. 11, Vilnius.

24/04–05/18/2019 Group painting exhibition “Winds of Colours II”, A. and A. Tamosaiciai Gallery “Zidinys”, Vilnius, Lithuania.

12/02–03/02/2019 Group painting exhibition “Winds of Colours”, Pylimo Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

03/11–03/11/2018 Author’s painting exhibition, exhibition hall of the 5-star Hotel “Miramar”, Barcelona, ​​Spain.

16/05–20/06/2018 Author’s painting exhibition, exhibition space of the 5-star “Gran hotel la Florida”, Barcelona, ​​Spain.

19/03/2018 Art event at the 5-star Hotel “Stikliai”, Vilnius, Lithuania.

01/04–30/04/2017 Group exhibition “Personal Time”, Vilnius Children and Youth Art Gallery, Jurate Stauskaite’s Vilnius Art School for Children and Youth, Vilnius, Lithuania.

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