Arvydas Kašauskas

Arvydas Kašauskas

A. Kašauskas was born in 1959. In Vilnius. 1977-1982 studied at Vilnius Art Institute (now Vilnius Academy of Arts), majoring in frescoes and mosaics.

“While studying fresco studies, it was explained that a minimum amount of colour is enough, and the painting needs to be done through an expressive drawing and solid composition, but through my many years of experience, I began to understand that the basis of painting is colour.

At the moment, I want to transfer to canvas reflections of the world with surrounds me, as I see it, a certain interpretation of the world around me. With the help of colour ratio, textures, drawing, strokes to create some original object, which is called a painting. To encode in it certain information, emotions, spiritual states, which would spread energy somewhere from the wall even when I will no longer be among the living” - says the artist about his work.

Recognizable motifs, absolute colour hearing, structural compositions, subtle textures and the depth of feeling that opens up in the paintings are the signs of a painting with lasting value.

Almost every year author participates in at least twenty solo and group exhibitions: in Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Italy, Germany, France and other countries.

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member
This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

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