Agota Bričkutė

Agota Bričkutė

Born in 1993, Klaipeda, Lithuania, Agota Bričkutė, is a freelance art critic and painter. In the background of young generation art, the artworks of A. Bričkutė stand out with deep self-exposure, highly autobiographical motives and an unconventional painting manner. 

The fundamental subject of her expressive paintings are faces. Through the portrait genre, the painter depicts her inner reality. Instead of a direct repetition of life, the artist chooses to create a new artistic world, while the portraits do not represent specific individuals but rather express internal self-portraits. 

She also dedicates particular attention to abstract landscapes that look timeless and universal.  In these works nature is usually represented through the simplification of form and mirrors the artist‘s mood. According to A. Bričkutė, she seeks nature for spiritual solace. 

The artist has already arranged 5 personal exhibitions. The artist's works have been acquired by art fans from Lithuania, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Norway.

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