Dmitrij Zuj

Dmitrij Zuj

I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Vilnius, Lithuania. My father was an artist so I grew up surrounded by art since the early childhood. Though art did not become path I chose, one way or another my work has always been related to art. For a long time I worked in advertising – visual urban design, interior and landscape design, logo and trademarks design and etc. Still art has always accompanied me as a hobby. 

The first technique I experienced was pastel. Later watercolor caught my attention and it remains the main technique I use so far. I am extremely interested in innovative watercolor techniques that is why I spend a lot of time practicing by myself and sharing experience among my friends, foreign watercolor artists.

Traveling is my great passion and inspiration whether I travel in Lithuania or abroad. I truly admire the views of the cities and places I have been to. Consequently, all emotions and breathtaking experiences are depicted on the sheets of paper of my paintings.

I am proud and honored that my paintings have been purchased by private collectors from Italy, France, Portugal, Germany, Russia, Poland and etc.

I will be extremely glad if my paintings will find their very own place in the interior of your home.

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