Indrė Beinartė

Indrė Beinartė

"I've been captivated by East Asian (ink wash) method of painting during my travels to Asia. Emerging in Tang dynasty China (618-907), ink wash painting uses black ink tonality and shading, rendering with varying thickness and types of strokes. The painting style does not put high importance on a precise depiction of a real scene or object but rather arising from the artist’s sudden inspiration when observing beautiful scenery.

I use ink wash painting method as an inspiration. In my works, I aim to convey Oriental landscape beauty, tranquility, human's harmony with nature. My paintings are the recollections from my travels around Taiwan, Japan, Tibet, China, Vietnam. Bamboo groves, temples, lotus ponds, cranes, herons, mountains, rivers, humans are my main painting elements."

Indre's paintings are painted on Xuan paper, using ink and watercolor. Xuan Paper is traditional Chinese paper used for calligraphy and painting and has more than 1,000 years of history. The main raw materials depending on the type of Xuan paper are: sandalwood and cherry bark, bamboo, mulberry, rice straw, etc. Being very thin paper, Xuan paper becomes wavy and wrinkled when paint is applied. This is corrected by mounting the painting on backing paper. Indre Beinarte is mounting her paintings using traditional wet mounting technique, using homemade natural glue. The paper becomes smooth again; mounting enhances the colors and preserves the painting.

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