Deimena Pranytė

Deimena Pranytė

Art for Deimena Pranyte has been a part of life since she was a child herself. Her main inspiration is the children of Ethiopia, New Guinea, Samburu, Masu and their emotions. The problem these days is racism, no matter how uncomfortable it may be to talk about it, humans cannot ignore it. It is time to educate yourself, learn, talk and support each other. Art has not changed the world yet, but it can really change people’s perspectives.

If you change the way you look at people, people will change. And if that change is powerful enough, it will gain the impulse to affect all of humanity. Inspire humanity to forge a deeper connection with itself and its cultural identity and help preserve the world’s cultural and natural heritage for future generations. Our world is changing fast. Our ever-growing population and the need to build a larger economy have led to both positive and negative changes, such as improved technology and infrastructure, globalization, consumerism and global warming. Due to technological advances, people seem to be accelerating into the future faster than ever before, but it is becoming clearer every day that humans are harming the planet. To address this, we need to inspire all people to forge a deeper connection with their cultural identity and respect for each other. 

Better intercultural dialogue would then play a key role in achieving peace and sustainable development. Look at these people, look at their beauty, look at their power. In doing so, we can reflect on who we became at the same time. A cultured and healthy planet with people respecting each other.

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