Sigitas Laurinavičius

Sigitas Laurinavičius

Sigitas Laurinavičius is the painter, the member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association since 2013. In 1992 he graduated the Art Faculty of Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute (since 1997 – Šiauliai University). Also the Master's degree in Fine Arts was obtained there in 1997.

Since 1995 to present he arranged 11 solo exhibitions and participated more than 20 various plein air workshops and close to 100 group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.

Since 2001 S. Laurinavičius is the member of the Semigallia region Artists’ group. From 2003 to 2015 he was the executive person and the exhibitions and plein air workshops curator of this group.

For his creative, art pedagogical and organizational activities he was awarded with letters of thanks from various institutions and in 2018 he was awarded the Panevėžys City Municipality Culture and Art Prize “For the achievements in the field of culture“.

In the creation process the realistic and abstract methodes are using both in the same ways. The plastice expression of image in the some parts of canvas are supplement with the single or grouped colored squares reminiscent of digital pixels. They are an important detail of all works, used as another one layer of the artwork, suggesting like peculiar signs of temporality, fragments of changing reality or imaginary code streams that we seem to have no control over.

This way is deliberately aimed at breaking down the illusion of recognizable reality and presenting it as the result of a clearly redesigned image, or at least a variety of disturbances. The aim is to get as close as possible to doubt as a boundary state and to ask: how and to what extent what is visible actually corresponds to reality, and what is our relationship to it?

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