Jonas Daniliauskas

Jonas Daniliauskas

A lot of people call my work sequential and integral. What has determined such sequence? I am no slave of consistency, but I do not want to create anything artificially. Sometimes I scold myself for repetition in composition, but while I do not feel the inner urge, I do not go to extremes. My goal is to achieve the power of expression by employing minimal means. I believe that yet with the years passing by I change, although plenty of motifs and plots have remained since the youth, the attitude toward things is already different. I myself noticed that my brushstroke became clearer, lighter; tragic, dark accents have diminished. However, I still in the same way enjoy looking at a granny with a goat, a bouquet of poppies stuffed somewhere close to the ceiling, a bird sitting on the woman's shoulder; while being in nature, I still desire to lean to a tree, touch a captured fish, and let it go back into the water... Moreover, there is so much crudity in daily routine, so why multiply it by my paintings? However, in my opinion, one finds exposure of beauty in the crudity; unpleasant characters, as for instance a drunken woman, offering lilies of the valley, have certain poetry within them. Painting for me is not an expression of anger or an outpour of accumulated negative emotions.

Painting for me is perhaps as a memory, as an island, shaping its obscure forms as the boat floats away. I am not an objective observer, or the one who tries to capture reality with the proximity of a prig. Once upon a time I was driving, and I saw: there was a man and a women standing, embracing each other in a very beautiful way, so naturally supporting each other that even by thinking, one would not come up with such an image. Oh Lord, it is so great that I was passing by! In general, I do not like creating themes out of nowhere; all the scenes are created "from the earth." It seems, it would not be difficult to pour aquarelle somewhere in the middle of a square, but Id rather walk, look around, mark gammas of the pastel colors, and only then would I start painting - this is my method, not being under the nature's thumb.

Love scenes in my works are very prominent. Women as if an angel's wing soar in the air. Major themes are destiny, human solitude and nature's integrity, images of a disappearing village and images of the village that has already disappeared...

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member
This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

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