Daiva Karaliūtė

Daiva Karaliūtė

I am a Fashion Design student at Vilnius College of Design. Fashion and drawing are integral parts of my life, so during my studies I became very interested in fashion illustration. When I am drawing, I do not follow any rules except one - the drawing must be aesthetically pleasing and provide satisfaction in looking at it. For me, fashion is also a type of art, and clothes and accessories are like art for me. I am particularly fascinated by vintage haute couture and the ancient creations of fashion corifiers like Christian Dior or Chanel, so I often have inspiration from their vintage collections.

I draw and other types of drawings, not only illustrations. I use a variety of techniques to get the best results - from acrylic and oil paint to plain pencil or colored pens.

I am always guided by the credo of my life - "It is much better to know that you dare to pursue your dreams than to live life in snooze and regret" (Gilbert E. Kaplan).

I always try to continually improve, deepen my knowledge and skills in various courses, without counting my time, because, according to Alexander Engelhardt, the ability to create is the greatest gift that nature has give upon man in endless evolution.

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