Meda Norbutaitė

Meda Norbutaitė

In paintings implication must be perceived as a connection between objects that is not formally expressed. I combine images of objects into symbolic meanings, searching for their associated or logical link. I do it with the help of symbols, metaphors, codes. They are recognizable, but interpreted individually in the perception process. The objects in my paintings always contain some information and express my personal relation with their forms. The viewers, observing the painting and trying to penetrate into its symbolism, may create their own narrative. The implication lies between the message delivered by the images of the depicted objects and their inner relations, their presumable context and the manner of representation.

The objects in the artworks are selected so that their meaning and condition would encourage imagination, provoke new ideas, create associations of invisible relations of meaning, thus conveying the hidden essence, a personal artistic truth. It is hard to grasp, yet possible to perceive in the process of contemplation.

The titles of the artworks are the codes for deciphering their images. It is yet another code that provides a camertone for the narrative of the theme, yet another piece of the implication game. 

I am always interested in human relations, the states or behaviours that they provoke, from the field of the daily existence to aspects of history, religion or politics. My art dwells on those transmissions of daily reflections or insights. About eternity and temporariness, truth and lying, passion and experience.

There is a lot of metaphor in my work, I often apply the grotesque, based on the contrast between beauty and ugliness, between irony and tragedy, between real objects and their atypical states, contexts. I am interested in coordination of dissonance – alogical links between images, ambiguity, conditionality, sad humour. For my audience, I try to invoke joy mixed with sadness, admiration with disgust, reflection of those human qualities or behaviours that I would name as ‘harmfully innocent’.

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member
This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

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