Angelė-Snieguolė Malinauskienė

Angelė-Snieguolė Malinauskienė

My name is Snieguole Malinauskiene. I would like to introduce myself through my beloved writer's Sigitas Parulskis words:


About the sharks


"Sharks don't have air bladder like other fish that's why they are forced to constantly swim and move because if they would stop, they would sink. My knowledge about these predators are quite reserved, but we are suffering from the same problem. If I don't write, I sink.

It's difficult to find a person who would not feel that, maybe unconsciously, but almost everyone could confirm - if I don't build, if I don't gather, if I don't sing, don't play, don't pray, don't manage, don't lie, don't play, don't fuck, do not kill… There are a lot of those "if" combinations even disagreeing with each other.

Sometimes that becomes a luck, sometimes absurd or paranoia. Sometimes that lift us up and praise. At the same time it belittle us or even destroy. Merciful disastrous identification.

The truth is we have and opportunity to make a pause. And even sink. For a certain amount of time, but the fear stays. Fear that you will never get out of the mud from where you sank.

And that fear turn us into sharks."

I can not not to paint, therefore I paint…

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