Ana Marija Blažienė

Ana Marija Blažienė

Ana Marija Blažienė - architect, watercolourist, teacher.

Since 2010 The artist participates in solo and group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. Her works have been purchased in Lithuania, the USA, Germany and Taiwan.

“I have been working with watercolor since my studies. While studying, time was spent between the cozy streets and courtyards of the old town. The fixation of nature, the vibration of the old town, the play of light and the flicker are frozen things in watercolors. 

I try to capture the cozy summer moments of Vilnius Old Town, so the warm air seems to be shaking.

In winter scenes, white thick snow sheets cover the old tiled roofs. 

Other works capture short summer moments from the Lithuanian seaside in Nida, boats, wooden huts, and windsurfers. The sea shimmering in the maritime artworks takes you to a carefree holiday summer, where there is peace and the sand of the dunes is falling between your fingers. You can smell the sea, hear the rustle of the waves.

Summer in Highland of Lithuania takes us to the old archaic street villages in the national park. Nature surroundings, natural and old wooden authentic architectural environment inspires the perpetuation of heritage and history. 

In my works dominate soft pastel colors, watercolor technique and white areas, which are preserved as pearls to extract space. ”

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member
This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

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