Andrius Miežis

Andrius Miežis

Born in 1970, Vilnius, Lithuania, he studied architecture, though he didn’t finish his studies. Nevertheless, the constructive architectural sophistication is noticed in his artworks. Nowadays, Miezis is a well-known Lithuanian artist, whose artworks are admired by both Lithuanian and foreign audiences.

Paintings by Miezis stand out for their primitive poster-like, childish appearance and positive energy. While images are flattened, geometrical shapes have no perspective or depth. Canvases are highly decorative, ornamented and stylized. The coloring is almost synthetic and exceptionally vivid. The art of Miezis is also distinguishable for its hyper-realistic painting technique, and polished surfaces create a sensation of vacuum space.

Canvases by Miezis are also notable for their features of postmodernism. Unlike highly modern painting technique, the subject matter usually belongs to folklore or myths, whereby the mythical heroes are adapting into nowadays environment. Similarly to postmodernists, Miezis is close to the history, and by creating he laconically reflects and recreates historical facts, current society problems, often hidden under unrealistic dreams. At first glance, entertaining and playful art pieces are enriched with many philosophical implications, grotesque, irony and subtle lyricism.

According to the artist, the most valuable thing in creative work is an opportunity to be totally free and authentic, the act of painting gives a chance to set inner self free.

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

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