Jurga Povilaitienė

Jurga Povilaitienė

I like when my thoughts appier on a canvas or paper. I enjoy when other people start liking them too. I like even more when other people start telling me what they see there, because almost always – not the same things as me. I think that art is all about seeing your reallity in the picture done by someone else. I don‘t think that artist should talk a lot about what he wanted to paint and why. Unless the painting is connected with some story, that artist wants to tell very much. In the end it all comes down to just one criteria – you like the picture or you don‘t. Your reality tunes up with the seen picture or it doesn‘t. All talk about transcendental folds of the universe and the hidden vibrations of the soul is just false pride.Everything is much simpler, my mentor used to say – „I draw my pictures and I feel good about it“. Telling stories is important too. Untold stories just like unpainted pictures, lies in the subconsciousness and eats you up like a warm in an apple. So, when you are an artis, not to create is far more difficult than to create. Even if your art doen‘t find people who likes it. But if it does – then it‘s so much fun. So, art is a necessity, not a luxury. For me at least.

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