Angelija Eidukienė

Angelija Eidukienė

Expressive, vivid, memorable and with drive the painter’s works the best reveal in minimalist spaces and modern interiors when is creating an effect of contrast and opposition.  ‘’With drive’’ - such a keyword or perhaps the tone of emotion not only in creation but also in life using an artist.

The persons who first time become acquainted with the creation of Angelia Eidukienė are curious to know about the biography of an artist. Angelija was born in Latvia into a Lithuanian family.  She inherited her father’s tendency for the art, he also painted, drew and carved.

Angelija was surrounded by creative environment not only at home but at school also -she attended fine art activities, participated in various painting contests. After the school, from 1999 to 2003 she studied at the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts and in 2003 she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. In 2007 she took a Master of Fine Arts degree.

In addition to painting Angelija creates interiors for twenty years: ‘’my interiors are mostly in a minimalist modern style but I have also created many classic and modern classic interior spaces’’.

However, unlike her creating calm interiors, Angelija’s painting is an energetic, expressive with an intensive color, characterized by dynamic brushstrokes. In the paintings usually are depicted people and landscapes. Plants are an integral part of creative, for the reason that an artist is a member of the Lithuanian Dendrology Society: "the plants are not only a strong passion of interest to me, they are like a meditation for me. I start to know them better, to comprehend their characters after I start painting them’’. In the works of art reflect the wide range of artist’s creations - from abstractions to the compositions of the portraits.

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