Irmantas Degutis

Irmantas Degutis

Irmantas Degutis



Since school I've been signing as i.DE. These initials are still with me ...

I am a very happy person... happy because it is everything. I do not feel that I'm missing something. Life does not have to be perfect to be beautiful ... and it's really beautiful ...

I did not start painting because I was missing something in my life ... I did not search for new emotions, experiences ... but I discovered a lot ... Painting is my passion and a hobby .... I just started because inside I felt like I really wanted to. Often, I looked at the works of the artists, I asked myself why the author decided to do just that. You wanted to do it in your own way ... A great desire inspired to buy the first canvas. I started experimenting. This could be called curiosity ... or maybe just a great desire to test yourself.

Painting for me - not a getaway ... no return ... and not even another life ... Painting for me - a full blast of life. My current life. And my present day-to-day life has little to do with painting or art in general. Actually, it's not related at all. I'm not a graduate artist. I was killed because I cannot do anything that seems relevant and acceptable to me at that moment ... My inspiration is my experiences, my emotions, my thoughts, my present, the environment that surrounds me ... I am worried about global issues: climate change, war, terrorism, starving people ... and ... that endless desire to create!

Before starting to work, I think for a very long time what I want to say. When in my mind there is a clear contour of the new work, then I can start. And then ... I let spontaneity go freely. I like to watch how one color passes to another, how it blends, and moves in a variety of directions. The main thing is to let the colors move freely, and my job is to stop for a moment. The work ends when I think before myself what is first and foremost acceptable to me. I do not follow rules, fashions or trends. I do not expect anything, and I do not claim anything ... if someone likes my work, it will be just nice. They are all full of sincerity, good energy and many hours of thinking ...

I am fascinated by abstract expressionism. Blend of colors, shades, shapes, depth, energy, motion. Life ... in every job I want to see movement ... energy ... and aesthetics ...

Recently I live with one phrase: "Less is More" ... did you ever think about it?

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