Rimtautas Špokas

Rimtautas Špokas

Rimtautas has been amazed by the world of visual arts since his very childhood. Though, his story is sad and exciting at the same time. Rimtautas was one of the victims of politics and history. He was not allowed to study arts as his parents were followed by the KGB due to their antisovietic attitudes. This is the reason why Rimtautas received a special artistic education being tought by a famous Lithuanian artist Alfredas Šaltis.

After returning from the military service, Rimtautas finished his art studies and devoted himself to teaching children ceramics. Up to the present time he participates actively in the culture life of the country.

Artist's paintings express the vitality and joy of a child who is finally allowed to play freely. He uses simple forms and bright colors composed in bigger areas surrounded by a visible line which reminds of children drawing. Rimtautas creates original characters each of whom is endowed with a peculiar and sometimes amusing personality. These characters seem to have arrived from the world of animation or fairy-tales and let the imagination flow.

Remembering his personal story, one might say that Rimtautas focuses on the everlasting cheerfulness, amusement and willingness to play that outdoes suffering and the rather cruel world of adults.

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