Eigirdas Scinskas

Eigirdas Scinskas


They say I am visual artist. But I am saying I am traveller, world traveller, and always as I remember myself I had huge passion and was attracted a LOT by colorful art world. Modern art museums around the world are my biggest insspiration and before I aimed to be just visitor, but during the years I felt strong empower of energy, beauty and emotions in art, that reflected mine steps in the paining world. When I am not in studio, I am in museum somewhere in Barcelona, in Los Angeles, in Rome or in my beloved Nice.

Contemporary art and abstract painting – it’s individuality, which is not affected by environmental disturbances. I paint what I feel, what inspire me as an artist – this can be desert, full of movement city, the colors of recently visited cities, taste, – all real emotions. I was strongly impressed by the fact that in the studio only am I, prepared handmade canvas and colors. Pure creativity, flight and feeling of present. Often I start to paint only having an idea, visual color of experiences and do not know what the painting will look like at the end. Color is an essential element of the painting, but the basic idea is the to convey emotional impact. I often ask myself whether this is art? But in modern society become difficult to answer what’s what, and even more – what is art, where in one unit often mixed chaos and harmony.


You might have seen my art at the following exhibitions

  • April 2016 – May 2016 Exhibition ‘Abstract World’ in ‘Aukso Pjuvis’ art gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania;

  • December 2015 – January 2016 Exhibition ‘Abstract World’ in Pylimo art gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania;

  • May 2015 ‘Baltas LOFTAS’ Vilnius, Lithuania;

  • Painting ‘Brasil’ in SaatchiArt Collection – Abstract Paintings for $2500 and Under;

  • Painting ‘Sahara’ in Saatchi Art Collection – Fifty Shades of Fall.

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