Gediminas Sprindys

Gediminas Sprindys

From the beginning I have to say that I am shallow man - I don't evaluate art of
the past, discuss current trends or create new vision for brighter future.
My approach is quite simple and straight.
I was born in Kaunas. My childhood years was spent in Žaliakalnis, one of the
best parts of the city. Later studies in Vilnius Academy of Art and after
graduation new self starting life in Klaipėda port. What a nice, piteous and
touching past.
Now I live in New York City for almost thirty years with long experience
about professional daily routine, interior specifics and aesthetic values
plus understanding that customer is always right. All this is really not
strange to me it holds me above the water.
Returning to the starting point I'd like to add that real people in general have
understanding what are the values and what is harmful or worth to stayaway.
I'm not turning into social discourse but if such person has dwelling, table
and chair, few more things he feels good about, it's ok. My paintings are to help him feel comfortably not seeing those details. And that is the end of story faulks.

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