Romas Žmuidzinavičius

Romas Žmuidzinavičius

Painter Romas Žmuidzinavičius was born in 1952 in Varėna. All summers he spent in the ethnographic village Žiūrai, on the coast of Ūla river, listening to authentic dialect of Dzūkai, admiring the nature. From here, aaparently, we can see his colourful paintings, rich of strokes, the search of true meaning of life.

He was studying at Vilnius Art School and Moscow Univesity of Fine Arts. Fresco art he was learning at famous artist Veiverytė. When he was young, he participated in expedition in Igarka, where he painted 25 paintings for the Culture House Gallery of Igarka and left wall painting of 500 square meter.

The paintings of this artist - it is like a transformation, which constantly repeat in life, nature and time: changing seasons, colours, moods. The paintings are full of feelings and nostalgic calm, soft pastel. The artist use unique multi-layer technique. Repeated symbols - angel, cross, old town, trees.

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