Rita Krupavičiūtė

Rita Krupavičiūtė

The art creator status granted in 2015

I follow my heart in painting and in live. If the heart is pleased - I am on the right way. Everyone is looking for one’s ways of self-expression each day. So do I. I express myself in paintings. It is a part of my life. I do not wait for inspiration. A muse of creativity is always with me while motives to be laid down on a canvas surrounds me all the time.

I am a self-learner who made a twenty years gap. I took a paintbrush in 2012, when my son Jeronimas grew up. 

Life is beautiful! But everyone learns to live one‘s life in a different time and own way. Such is my point of view in both everyday life and creative work.  

Today I create diverse-genre paintings mostly oil and watercolour portraits, figures, and landscapes, still lives, and Marine paintings. A wide range of bold and bright colours and optimistic and sincere mood dominates in my works. I convey the reasoning of profound life philosophy in portraits and nature paintings. My works are exceptional because they breathe as if they are alive. 

I have participated in exhibitions in Lithuania, Poland, Belgium; the works went to Cyprus, Sweden, Norway and Ireland. 

For me personally a painting is more than an interior detail or decoration. It stops and immortalizes the moment of life. Whatever I paint, be it an object or a landscape, a person or the sea wave, I always desire it breathes and is alive. I paint here and now, "leaving my inner self”, intuitively, allowing my brush to lead a hand, and mobilizing the entire inner energy and the temperament of the southern region of Lithuania. And here a paradox happens: the more energy I give, the more it comes back. A miracle!

I am an incorrigible optimist, therefore I fill my painting with positive energy radiating to a viewer. Expressive strokes and unlimited palette of colours depict moment of life and emotion. It is therefore encouraging that a passer-by, rushing through life, discovers a little piece of personal self.  

Colour is as powerful as a word while the stroke is always abstract. Only some painted items we recognize immediately and some not. I never put negative emotions on a canvas and I am glad I am free from creative suffering. Lately I use three primary colours in my paintings - red, yellow and blue with two additional ones to lighten or darken mid tones. 

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