Darius Rakauskas

Darius Rakauskas

I was born and I live in Kaunas, in Žaliakalnis district, near the market in front of the Church of Old Believer. During the feasts, the church bells ancient melodies. I like that bells and old believers. Women come swathed with large flowered scarfs. Men bearded, previously even with boots and with caps. Without cap can come only the last drunkard or stroller. I respect old believers for the fact that they do not cut oaks. Neighbors lithuanians cutted all oaks and more luxurious trees in their yards, and old believers - no. And they are growing. Their "batiuška" told to my father that to cut the tree was a very big sin.

When I talk about ŽALIAKALNIS, I still have to mention my neighbors, surrounding my home. Uncle Kęstas, Lozoraičiai (family of Stasys Lozoraitis, who was a candidate to the presidents of Lithuania) and Liudmila.

Uncle Kęstas was a very talented TV's artist, but had drunked and one winter night caused such a big fire, that firemans had to use all the water from the hydrant and put it on a burning house.

The neighbor Ludmila is a very great mystic. Mystics are also are nuns. From the Soviet times they live in monastery, which was built (now A.t.A.) in the house of bishop Stankevičius. Then it was a secret monastery, now - no. So once they decided to cut a large and beautiful old birch, which, allegedly, debilitating the garden by taking the whole radish water, and in the autumn dropping too much leaves. In that birch constantly scrambled some young cat, and the neighbors used to climb up to put off. So they wanted to cut the birch, but planting organization prevented, because it was a big and beautiful tree. After a few months, before the storm came flying fireball and hit the birch. Birch splitted. Planting organization came and cut off the birch.

So in such surrounding, being five years old, I decided to become a painter. Maybe even because my yearling cousin painted trees covered with snow and he was highly praised. Also in our house was the albums of arts, and our family from time to time went to Žilinskas and M.K. Čiurlionis Museums.

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member
This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

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