Virginijus Tamošiūnas

Virginijus Tamošiūnas

Creativity is not in the fulfillment, but in process. Art is always active and does not terminate. Constantly shifting and coming. This is - the process. The main objective is not to present the product, but to present thinking, emotional experience. Communicate with the audience with help of visualization. You never know the answer in advance. I can not respond to questions - why?, for what?, from where?, why?... Still seeking answers to these questions, and I hope I will never find it. In case I find it, everything would become meaningless...
On the other hand the artwork - it's not just an object. It's hundreds hours of discouragement and discoveries of successful and unsuccessful experiments. It is days, weeks, months, "black" work (which sometimes brings joy), it is a part of the author's soul, a part of the life and experiences ...
I do not like highly aesthetical, overwrought art. Sometimes perfection is repellent - you want to see, to feel the scars of reality, success and failures, positivity and aggression, uncertainty and the joy of discovery - all these words reflect our current environment, the current life. Art does not have to be fancy. It is important to be true - abstract and real...
Consciously or not, in my paintings I reach for harmony. Inner harmony... with myself and the world. Beauty lies in being imperfect in every detail, and it has to be accepted,
as a natural birth and the end result...

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member
This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

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