Birutė Jočiūnaitė-Cvirkienė

Birutė Jočiūnaitė-Cvirkienė

My creation career began from painting illustrations for children's books. Also I worked in the graphics area - in the LDI I gained diploma of this specialty. I liked to work with lithography techniques. However, working with this techniques for me was lack of colors. God's created world is shining and vibrating of colors: the sky, the stars, the earth nature, plants, flowers - everything glows by different colors of the spectrum. Colors are vibrating in the flowers,  delighting our eyes and hearts. I started to paint. In my earlier paintings were a lot of dark colors. Lots of light and color appeared in my works when I realized what I am missing. I was missing of spirit. Human is not just a substance, he has a soul, a spirit. My first spiritual works were exhibited in "Arka" gallery in 1993. Now in my works dominate bright, clear colors. I love to paint flowers and their vibrations of colors, landscapes. What is going in nature in the different times of the year, what is the color combinations and vibrations. In my works have appeared and new themes: human and his spirit. What is human's relationship with the universe. How to convey it using colors. My paintings became brighter.

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