Kristina Čivilytė

Kristina Čivilytė

Kristina Čivilytė - Master of Painting at Kaunas Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts. Since 2013, he has participated in exhibition activities, group and solo exhibitions, has organized over 20 solo exhibitions, about 30 joint exhibitions, published catalogs and publications. In November, 2018 she participated in the International Artists Symposium in India. In March, 2019 – at the joint exhibition in Athens, Greece.

Motto: Art only begins where Imitation ends. (Oscar Wilde)

Artist Kristina Čivilytė has palette of paintings which consists of bright and foggy, but sometimes bright and autumn-rich - expressive colors.

Due to its abstract nature, the artist’s works tell each viewer a different story. It’s like an individualistic personal journey into everyone’s inner impressions, memories, mirages of the past and the sand castles of the future.

The painter bravely and ambitiously uses new painting techniques to experiment and find new ways to express herself on the surface of a white canvas. The artist uses traditional and mixed techniques. In order to give the paintings additional expression, she uses special techniques. As a result of this process, from the loop of memories/ impressions, as well as processes of experiments, new paintings are born, as if from the sea foam the Venus of Botticelli.

In general, the author has created paintings that radiate a creative spirit, which she expressed after hearing her feelings and mission and turning her chosen colorful essential spiritual path…

Agnė Bartišiūtė-Janušienė

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