Salvija Zakienė

Salvija Zakienė

My hometown – Panevėžys. At this moment I live and work in Šiauliai. In 2004  I graduated from Šiauliai University, Faculty of Fine Arts, I gained Bachelor's degree. In 2006 I graduated from Faculty of Education, and I gained Master's degree of Educational Sciences. After I finished studies my activities were directly related to the creation work: children's art education, work in the field of advertising, wall decorations and so on. Since 2005 I actively participate in group exhibitions, I held 8 solo exhibitions in Šiauliai and Panevėžys.

In my works compositions are creating with the help of lines, shapes, rhythm, colors. Usually in the paintings you can see characters, called “small people”, gently ironic, dreamers, bursting joy of life, in love, enjoying all the pleasures of life. I draw ideas from my close environment, following human relationships. For these graphic works I use a lot of measures, based on - paper, ink. For me it is important that created painting would give a cosiness, mystery, tranquility, a sense of harmony to the interior, would decorate and complement the space, would  attract the viewer's eye, causing one or another emotion.

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