Rūta Eidukaitytė

Rūta Eidukaitytė

Rūta Eidukaitytė - is a painter realistic, in 2003 she graduated master studies of painting in Vilnius Art Academy, where the traditions of critical realism are viable since first times of Republic of Lithuania. She is interested in landscapes natural or urbanely details, especially are important moving people in them (women, men, children). The shapes usually inextricably, organically are intergrated into landscape of specific region, country. Rūta reaches the same individual characteristics in the landscapes - similar as humans. Through her eyes scrolling images stopped by highlighting their specific, unique and inimitable characteristics. For example, in the case of Lithuanian landscape, emphasis height of the sky. In this Blatic sea region the sky is really seems to be very high, summery stimulating cumulus white clouds, green grass, thickets clustered in the lush ricks. (Art critic dr. Vidas Poškus)

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member
This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

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