Raimonda Jatkevičiūtė-Kasparavičienė

Raimonda Jatkevičiūtė-Kasparavičienė

"Raimonda is multidisciplinary artist - graduated ceramic studies at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts and creating variuos ceramic artefacts (relief, sculptural objects), also she draws and paints. Recently the painting is a major emphasis. The artist's style (both ceramic and painting with drawings) may be defined by the term of poetic realism. Inspired by nature (to it even enough intimately tied up), and portraying the urban or the natural landscape, plants, objects and people, Raimonda not only add color by unique, often sparkling, bright coloring, but also sprinkle them with peculiar poetry dusts like gold (almost lyrical ambrosia). These depicted objects provide specific, "raimonda" musing, gentle melancholy or just simple honesty - probably the highest values ​​of art." Doctor of Arts Vidas Poškus

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