Borisas Jokubauskis

Borisas Jokubauskis

He was born in 1957 in Klaipėda and still lives there.

To his works close the emotional, expressive reflection of reality, it's rehash of bright, fresh and drastic color combinations. Borisas works are vital, pulsating flow of life. They energize, inspire, elevate to a higher spiritualized plane, carries a positive charge, radiates strength, courage and confidence. Especially in mountains landscapes blinking, open, bold colorful strokes, elegant, expressive mountain silhouettes provide a stable grandeur, contrasting light and shadow play immerses in a poetic mystery, invite to explore in the mind to the bright
and refreshing mountain meadows, merge with powerful creation, to break away and rise to not survived and not avoided heights.

Searching for real values brings the artist to the iconography. Borisas is able to flexibly switch from the temperamental expression to contemplative, meditative spiritual level by moving to a sacral entity of divine origin and certificate by surviving divine truth at icon, where the little ego - "I" dissapears and merge with the divinity and eternity.

Since 1988 is a member of Nida Artists' Association "BRIDGE", since 2002 is a member of Žemaitija Artists' Association. Organizes exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.

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