Jurgita Vaidilaitė

Jurgita Vaidilaitė

I am the artist of the current generation. In my paintings is obvious striving to move away from the world of material daily reality to the philosophical metaphysical space. With the brush I do not imitate the things of concrete existence, but I create new realities with the help of strokes, play of colors and their harmony.

This is – the way of expression. You can not lose the connection with the audience, in case you become like a writer who does not reveal his thoughts, but close filled leaves in the drawer. It is necessary to have painting sign system, which would convey authors’s thoughts and feelings to the viewer. My signs - visions, symbols, motif of angel, starry bird or spring emerald breathing universe... This is not different than our world, because the land and we are the part of the universe. Therefore, in the pictures are motives of trees, lakes, torrential streams, flowering meadows, which I try to raise to paradise. I want to create works of spiritualized thoughts and soul dialogue.

Reality – is a mystery. I think that the artist's most important goal is to open the veil of reality secret, and to go along with art lovers to the unknown, together so close world, which sometimes we can realize just with the help of sixth sense or the heart.

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