Danguolė Jokubaitienė

Danguolė Jokubaitienė

All my life I travel the road leading into the world of colors: studies of art at Kaunas St. Žukas art technical school (1979 m.), advertising, interior designer, children's art studio manager works. My color world like from a dream, the romantic country of the fantasies, where lives naive and sunny childhood. Since 1988 I participate in various exhibitions: group - Lithuania, international - Russia and Israel. Exhibitions of author painting and postcards: 6 - in Lithuania, 11 - in the USA (New Haven, Hartford, New Britain, Woterbury, Trummbulli cities). I am member of over than 500 of the world's online art galleries and groups. Paintings have been acquired by private collectors from the United States, Australia, England, Germany, Ireland, Russia, Poland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania. Due to the different and distinctive painting techniques, created by a fantasy world, sort of quiet, sunny dream pictures, my paintings are attributed to the surreal art direction.

I was born in Anykščiai, live and work in Tauragė.

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