Povilas Budrys

Povilas Budrys

Lithuanian theater actor and painter. He was born in 1962, in Molėtai district. At Vilnius conservatoire completed his acting skills. Currently working in the Art fort (Eimantas Nekrošius theatre studio). To paint he started 30 years ago, he held about ten exhibitions. He uses the original, wax technique discovered by itself. Each painting and it's detail - it's new, unexpected joy of knowledge. About Povilas Budrys paintings probably may say: paintings, though never use a brush. He rub the colored wax crayons, paints, dry pigment to the paper by thingertips, and when there is reverse process - from the multilayer background needs to remove what is unnecessary - he uses thin blade of steel. Those two professions - acting and art - exist by side for 30 years. Paintings travel with him on tour in Lithuania, sometimes abroad. Artist, asked about arts and acting interface, says: "It is almost the same. Both - it is quest of spiritual life. All the time you are looking for harmony with the environment, with myself, trying to string myself like an instrument". 

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