Aurelija Filipauskytė

Aurelija Filipauskytė

In the paintings of Aurelija Filipauskytė prevails portraits. It seems that the artist responds to portrait revival, which take place these days. Author does not try to impress the world or to change it, she avoids elaborate compositions, are unique.

Painted faces in pictures establishe spiritual criteria rather than socail orders. A human, portrayed by Aurelija Filipauskytė, is lonely, but created not for loneliness. Painting is reticent. In the portraits distinguish humanity, fullness of soul and body integrity, spiritual life, intelligence.

The artist characterized by reticent tonal interpretation, variety of portrayed characters. Creator's purpose is meaningful - to solve human riddle. The human face for artist - incentive for portrait, mystery and fullness. The portrait faces seem like talking. Prevailing calm, meditative mood.

Aurelija Filipauskytė's paintings are lyrical, melodious, chamber and enveloped by individual romanticism. Can say, it is artist's confession, visual letter for suitor.

Art critic Ričardas Jakutis

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