Petras Kostinas

Petras Kostinas

The nine-year old little Pedro Metropolitan of Kiev, with a dark red apple, was consecrated to the artists. Twelve years old he joined the I. Repin Art School in Kharkiv. Gained basics of classical drawing, painting and sculpture.

In 1973 he participated in war in Egypt. After the war, he joined the I. Repin Academy of Fine Arts in Kharkiv and further developed his skills. I. Repin Academy was famous for his technique of Renaissance tradition. Without having a good teachers of Renaissance painting and drawing, he deepen knowledge about artists from monographs. Over time this interest increased.

In the first course began to paint by renaissance technique and regularly provoked the leadership of the Academy. After each session leadership was trying to throw away from academy him, but it ended in global student protests. In the third course began to go deep into the Renaissance painting and drawing technical nuances. After graduating from the Academy he went to St. Petersburg and got permission to copy the old artists' paintings at Hermitage. After settling in Lithuania he started an independent creation.

Currently the artist has a studio at Užupis. He is known as Don Pedro (samurai). All the paintings made by painting technique of the end of XVI to beginning of XVII centuries. These paintings characterized by transperancy at the shadows and relief painting in the light. All exhibiting paintings here made by this technique. To paint still life "Timeless reality" took half a year.

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

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