Artūras Tamašauskas

Artūras Tamašauskas

The circle of time spins inexorably, like a mechanism of a clock. We are the part of that mechanism: people who work, create, love, dream and perform the role at the performance of endless time, where the directors and actors are ourselves…

I was born 20 of September in 1963 years in Anykščiai, in a family of teachers. I grew up with a music and art. Maybe this lead me to choose the direction of art. In 1989 years I graduated from Telšiai Technical School of Applied Arts, gained speciality of artistic metal working. Couple years I worked at Klaipėda Art Factory. For more than ten years I am working in sphere of interior decorating. Klaipėda tied me up fully - here I created family and work until now. 

Few years ago I plunged into a new kind of art. It took control of me. This kind of art is very strange, full of mystique and uncertainty, unexpected solutions and discoveries - named by one word STEAMPUNK. In creation I use various materials: wares, old things and unnecessary trash. For me it is pleasure that I can help to transform unnecessary things, giving them the opportunity exist in another form, like extending it’s presence in artistic expression. 

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member
This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

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