Arnoldas Švenčionis

Arnoldas Švenčionis

My name is Arnoldas Švenčionis. I was born in Kaunas 45 years ago. It’s been 20 years since I live in Vilnius.

In 1985, after my service in the Soviet army, I entered Vilnius Art Academy, the specialty of sculpting. When I finished the studies in 1991, I participated in the competition for design of the anniversary coin “Re-establishment of Republic”, “Independence”. My work was appreciated, I even won a prize so I was very content with the outcome.

This is how my creative life begun. I went on working with granite and wood. When my joints grew tired of working with the pneumatic drill, I rested a bit using the ordinary one.

With my art, I am trying to transmit the message of all the wonderful things God and people have created. Each movement of a finger, glance, posture is a language communicating the mood, emotion. Actually it tells much more information, subtle and persuasive, than words could ever do. I also consider myself having a good sense of humor which can be noticed in my art.

I wish you all good mood and excellent health!

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